Tribal Heart



“Come near me, will you?

You of the elegant moon.

Come near me young maiden and dance to my lovely tune.

Your eyes were bold enough to spark love into my brave heart.

My soul seems not at ease with the stares at your graceful art.

Will you come to me?

You of the waist beads that tinkle

in the silence of the savannah’s night

with bright strings of stone that twinkle…”

So…I have some news! We<3Role-Play has opened lovelies and this round has some amazing mermaid-friendly items. Just keep clicking if its full, you won’t be sorry. I am of course, talking about The scaley collar and hand guards you see on the pictures here from The Forge, but there is so much more to be discovered! The dramatic headpiece by Zibska and the pretty little forehead jewel by Pekka just to name a few…

Also, I have only recently discovered the wonders of the mesh body, I was waiting for the skin appliers and wow, now that they have arrived I am so amazed at all the possibilities. Thankfully too, creators are coming up with more and more mesh-compatible beauty such as this fantastic body art by Things at Totally Top Shelf.

Here is what I am wearing:

From We<3Role-Play:

Headpiece: Zibska – Dalliance (colour change hud included)

Head jewel: Pekka – Aida Headress in blackened steel

Collar and hands: The Forge – Scale Collar and hand guards in silver

Body Chain: LF – Eclipse Upper Body Chain Noir

The rest:

Hair: Taketomi – Emiri

Mesh body: The Shops – The Mesh Project Deluxe Body

Skin and appliers: Deetalez – Megan in Eastern @Uber

Body art: Things – Phalea @Totally Top Shelf

Skirt: Soedara – Aegle Nymph of the evening in Duality