Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin


Have you been able to make it into the extremely busy We<3Role-Play event yet? Its soooo worth the struggle, believe me. The new location feels much bigger and is packed full of amazing exclusive and discounted items!

I am so happy to say, there are quite a few mermaidy type items available in this round too! Firstly the ears from Musa. They have a lovely finned texture and seashell jewelled chained decorations. There is a hud included with some great colour combinations as well.

The dress from Peqe is just one of my favourite from their recent items. Its got sexy cut-outs and a really great fit, plus all the usual colour options you know and love from this designer.

The necklace is by Meva and is part of a set. You can buy the matching headdress separately and its equally gorgeous. Both come with colour huds. We really are being spoiled for the price. These amazing Silver bracelets are by sYs and I am so in love with them, I may never take them off.

Finally the hairdo! Its by fantasy hairmaker (red)Mint and the horns are all apart of the look. I am wearing the fantasy colour  which is just perfect for merfolk.

Have fun at the event loveliness….you know you want to!

Here are the details:

All from We<3Role-Play:

Hair: (red)Mint – No. 43’15

Ears: Musa – Mermaid Ear

Necklace: Meva – Leaf Rose Necklace in silver

Bracelets: sYs – Khaleesi bracelets in silver

Dress: Peqe – Holy Elf in blue