makaraclose…I caught the darkness,
It was drinking from your cup.
I caught the darkness,
Drinking from your cup.
I said is this contagious?
You said just drink it up…

We<3Role-Play is celebrating its 2 year anniversary with this latest round and wow, is it a bumper addition. So much stuff! Amazing creations too. I was so inspired by some of the “darker” items available that I made a makara-type mer. Makara are monstrous sea-creatures in Hindu mythology often with scales or horns on the top half and mertails on the bottom of their bodies. So I have taken some liberties as you see….but you get the idea, hopefully.

I am showing off pieces from some of my favourite creators from the event, such as this stunning bra and skirt by Enfant Terrible, The intricately woven chestpiece from The Forge, the AMAZING cap and horns by Meva and MiaMai’s beautiful bracers.

The event opens as usual at 3pm SLT today, the 4th of May. Be there!

Here are the details:


Cap and horns: Meva – cap with horns 2

Chestpiece: The Forge – Plaid Vest in black

Top and skirt: Enfant Terrible – Verelis in dark

Bracer: MiaMai- Esedra Bracer in black&silver

The Rest:

Hair: Moon – Creep @The Dark Style Fair

Eye Jewels: Azoury – OMEGA in silver/rusty @Totally Top Shelf

Septum: Tabou Irrestible – Diamond Septum in silver @Totally Top Shelf

Tattoo: Space Mermaid – The Devil’s work @N21