Mermaid’s Cave




“I’ve carved a cave in the mountainside.
I’ve drilled for water, stocked provisions
to last a lifetime. The walls are smooth.
We can live here, love, safe from elements.
We’ll invent another love that can’t destroy.
We’ll make exquisite reproductions of our
selves, immortal on these walls.
 And when
this sea that can’t support us is burned clean,
when the first new creatures crawl from it,
gasping for water, air, more wondrous and more
wild than earth’s first couple, they shall see
there were two before them: you and me.”
We<3Role-Play opens tonight everyone! As usual its a fantastic treasure trove of gorgeous goodies. Here are some of my first favourites and more to come soon!
The stunning headjewels are by IeQED and come with a Colour changing hud of 10 jewel colour options.
My friend Blair at Entwined Hair has made not one, but two beautiful offerings for this round of the event. I am wearing Tia and I am completely in love as usual, Blair is a talented artist who always impresses with the wispy details on her hairs, they are always placed so cleverly.
Haste has made this super sexy harnessed outfit in a range of pretty colours and I teamed it up with the wired bra by Noodles.
Pekka has had a name change and is now known as Kibitz. The creator has been delving into jewelry lately for a few events and she is definitely one to watch out for, as everything she’s done so far has been awesome, these bracelets included!
Here are the full details:
Hair: Entwined – Tia
Head jewels: IeQED – Niobe Head Chain
Harness: Haste – Provoking in green
Bra: Noodles – Bae’s Wired Bodice in gold
Bracelets: Kibitz – Enzi Bracelet Cuff in gold
The Rest:
Body: The Shops – The Mesh Project Deluxe Body
Skin and appliers: Glam Affair – Ellie(America) @Uber
Eyes: Song – Cheri Moon Eye







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