Snake Charmer



What an intense week this has been with so many shopping events happening. We are all completely spoiled for choice at the moment! I would like to take a moment today to show off some more of the fantastic goodies available at Totally Top Shelf  mostly, with a few gems picked up here and there as well.

The theme for this new round of TTS is the elements, so of course my eyes fell to the more watery items first and this is what I have come up with.  A bit of a darker merfolk look draped around one of my favourite water creatures of mystery, the snake!  Swagga has made 4 different types of snakes available for this round and each wraps around the body in a different way and comes with multiple colour texture option in a hud.

Keystone as always has delivered jewelled beauty with the addition of vivid jewel tone options and I have to say I am loving that this creator has been playing with colour lately, look out for Keystone items at many of the events gride-wide, they are always great accents to add to any look.

I made a little departure from my usually scaley body details and instead I am wearing the water elemental tattoo from Munereia for TTS. I love that you can choose from different colour densities and the ink makes a gorgeous opaque effect over the skin.

Also, a must-have for all mermaids and landwalker beauties a-like is this perfectly done hair by one of my favourite ladies Silent Acoustic at Moon! Its just has absolute wow-factor and I haven’t been able to take it off since I popped over to the store to check it out. The same goes for my Lara Hurley skin, which as you see I am still loving. It is available at the Uber event, but I am not sure for how much longer, so go grab it as soon as you can, the details are just fantastic.

The ultra-sexy warrior bikini is May’s Soul’s offering at the new round of Tales of Fantasy and it comes in many colour options. The matching shoulders are the RARE option in the gacha machine and I have to say, the metal detailing is seriously awesome, so if you haven’t already, stop by the rain-drenched event and try your luck!

Need I even say where these stunning finger filligrees come from? I am sure you all recognise the delicate style by now, of course from Aisling. They are part of the vast collection of beauty available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which luckily now is a bit easier to get into and is a pleasure to walk through with the new layout.

Happy Inventory overload to you all!

What I’m wearing:

From Totally Top Shelf:

Headpiece: Murdock !nc. – Element Water head

Forehead jewel: Keystone – Hexi in silver and saphire

Eyes: Song – Bright eyes in aqua

Snake: Swagga – Elemental snake Type 1

Tattoo: Munereia – Elementaire water 30%

Foot jewels: Noodles – Lea barefoot chains

The rest:

Hair: Moon – Omen

Skin: Lara Hurley – Fae pastels in dark tan @Uber

Hands and feet: Slink

Finger jewels: Aisling – Sadhana  filligree nails @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Outfit with shoulders:  May’s Soul- Born to war in blue metal @Tales of Fantasy