ninja crouch

ninja attack


I am enjoying female battle gear more and more lately, it really does feel empowering to kick-ass on both the fighting and fashion fronts!

The inspiration for this look began at this month’s We<3Roleplay! event with the fantastic metallic items from creators like .aisling. and ANE. The .aisling. staff has the most incredible texture detailing and ANE’s headpiece is just so awesomely warrior-chic (yes I just made that term up). The raised hairdo from *Milk*, also available and on discount at the event is fab for headpieces and I love the  razored, edgy style of it.

When I headed over to the Fantasy Room to check out the new items for this month, I found the  perfect scaled chest-plate top (because my mer always sport some sort of scaling somewhere), it is by [Teri]otrope and comes with a great pair of pants too, although I am not wearing them as they are a little too contemporary for the look I had mind. Instead I opted for my old faithful Soedara to complete this style. The wonderful thing about Soedara’s outfits is that you get so much bang for your buck! I ended up wearing not only the pants, but the belly jewel, ear cuffs leg wraps and tattoo that were included in the pack.

My leg harnesses are from .Shi and I have to say I have been wanting to wear these in a post for ages! They come with a colour option hud as well as male and female sizes. The craftsmanship here is superb as always with this creator, I hope to see much more from them soon!

I wish you all a successful week filled with many victories if you are facing any battles…

What I am wearing:

Hair: *Milk* – Bang! Bang! at We<3RP

Skin: Belleza – Farah Skin (previous Fifty Linden Friday exclusive)

Hands and feet: Slink

Headpiece: ANE – unsullied mask GOLD at We<3RP

Face chain: Sad Harlequin – facechain Classico Wace at We<3RP

Nose piercing: {PopTart} – Trammel Septum in gold at the Fantasy Room

Chest-plate top: [Teri]otrope – Serenity at the Fantasy Room

Bracers: Luas – Dracaris Armor in Golden

Pants, belly jewel, ear cuffs, leg wraps and tattoo: Soedara – Arabic Equinox in duality

leg harnesses: .Shi – leg harness leather femme

Staff: .aisling. – Jahanem in Gold  at We<3RP