Medusa’s Temple




“I am a monster. The worst kind of monster. The kind that people have told stories about for thousands of years.I am the Gorgon Medusa. My eyes can turn anything living to stone.”  The deep end of the sea by Heather Lyons

Its not often my characters are villainous in roleplay because truth be told, I am not very good at pure evil, but complicated women from mythology like Medusa have always fascinated me, so when I saw these beautiful offerings from May’s Soul at the Tales of Fantasy event, I was inspired to make this merfolk priestess who serves in the temple of her goddess, the gorgon monster Medusa.

I paired the headdress and shield with the lovely skirt from Peqe and the impressively detailed cuffs from OAL, both also available at the Tales of Fantasy event in a variety of colours.

The snake-shaped belt, collar and uppe-arm decorations are a wonderful addition to this month’s Fantasy Room event by Axix, the metallic texture on these pieces are absolutely amazing.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you wish you had the ability to make someone stop and just be still, even for a moment? I have, and so this look is dedicated to Medusa and her enviable powers…

What I am wearing:

Hair: Little Bones – Bullfighter Jacket

Skin: *YS&YS* – Rachel Princess for the Dressing Room Fusion

Hands and Feet: Slink

Scales: :{Even-Tide}:

Headpiece: May’s Soul – Normal Medusa Headdress Bronze for TOF

Shield: May’s Soul – Medusa Shield Rare for TOF

Scaley collar, armbands and belt: Axix – Shurakai Set in Copper for the Fantasy Room

Arm and ankle cuffs: *OAL* – Bliss in copper for TOF