Apocalypse mer




Welcome to one of the strangest, most wonderful places I have been to in-world EVER…but first… let me start at the beginning. I recently visited the Dark Style Fair  and have to say, I was totally blown away by the amazing variety of options on offer. Everything from futuristic sci-fi dark fantasy to old-school horror and goth, all to the latest high quality SL has to offer. Needless to say, I went a little nuts on the shopping front!

The look I came up with is sort of an alien octomer who has come to wreak chaos on your planet…I think….either way, I had so much fun stepping out of my usual fantasy comfort zone and into a whole new world! A special fellow creative buddy took me to this sim of amazingness called The Spencer Museum of Art and believe me it is the opposite of the usual stuffy museum displays you’d imagine from the name! Everything moves and changes constantly, it is highly interactive and so much fun I have spent literally days there in awe and wanderlust! I highly recommend you go on over there asap and get lost in fantasy like I did. Thanks again M.

Enough of me though…here is the list of goodies:

Hair: Boon – HYA209 with cornrows hairbase (ALL new and wonderfully detailed mesh. The mesh hairbase comes with a fab little colour change hud)

Skin: Plastik – Astrali skin in Virgo with cobalt makeup

Hands and feet: Slink

Eyes: -SU!- : Scarlet Eyes in Dark Blue at the Dark Style Fair

Makeup: Enchanted Ink – Maite Eyeliners 1  at the Dark Style Fair

Tattoo: Obscure – Ink Mess  at the Dark Style Fair

Face chain: Scrub – Alice’s Chains in gold  at the Dark Style Fair

Face piercings: Hebenon Vial – Against the Stream in frost  at the Dark Style Fair

collar: Ariskea Vanity Collar Mesh in blue  at the Dark Style Fair

Arm chains: Pomposity – large link arm band in gold  at the Dark Style Fair

Belly chain: Pomposity – swirly curly belly chain/belt in gold  at the Dark Style Fair

Nipple piercings and breast studs: White Widow – Spike  at the Dark Style Fair

Skirt: Scrub – 8 buckles skirt in blue  at the Dark Style Fair

Tentacle hands: Pr!ck – octOo hands in black  at the Dark Style Fair

Wrist cuffs: ::TI:: – Wrist Metalic black skull  at the Dark Style Fair

Foot chains: ::TI:: – Chain Nail_Black  at the Dark Style Fair

Blindfold and gag: [LF] – both RARE black items in the gacha machine at the Dark Style Fair