Madame Butterfly





I am back – finally! Some unexpected real life took me travelling for a few weeks and my, have I got some catching up to do now! There have been so many fashion events in my absence that I feel very behind the times. A quick run through the new rounds of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, We<3Role-Play! and Fameshed is all I have really had time for, but something has definitely caught my eye….BUTTERFLIES! I can’t help myself, I am just so drawn to them, I might have overdone it a bit…not that I care though….too much of a beautiful thing is sometimes just perfect!

Amazingly enough even through all the butterflies, this dress by The Muses for me,  is still the main event of this look, the details and fit are just absolutely stunning and I can’t get enough of the mid-section with its material-enabled texture!

Speaking of amazing details I just have to highlight the gorgeous butterfly earpieces from RO available at we<3RP! and the out-of-this-world arm jewels from .aisling. that I found at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival as I am pretty sure my pictures do not even nearly do them justice. I can’t stop staring at them!

Lastly I would like to point out my poses. I don’t usually do this because poses are such a personal thing, but this pose set by *Ty’d and True* called Fiona, comes with  flying and holding butterfly props and was so much fun to work with, so it deserves a special mention too.

Okay that is about it,  please bare with me while I make my way through all the fashion fares and such and I will be back soon with lots, lots more.

Here is what I am wearing:

Hair: (red)Mint – no.15’13

Skin: Birdy – Kayla in pure for The Season’s Story

Hands and feet: Slink

Nail art: Plastik

Scales: :[ET]: – Mer scales pastel in orange  for Fantasy Faire (might be closed now)

Butterfly headband: *OAL*- butterfly circlet in Tangerine (RARE) at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Butterfly earpieces: RO – papillon in Topaz for We<3RP!

Butterfly mask: 22769 – Mes pensees sont des papillons w/o holder rouge for L’accessoires

Floral shoulder piece: [SN] – red floral pauldron(RARE) at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Arm jewels: .aisling. – Feldream at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Necklace and rings: =Zenith= Butterfly set in earthstone for Fameshed

Belt: [Haste] – Chain belt in gold at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Dress: The Muses – Shining Sun Gold/Flame for We<3RP!

Foot jewellery: Pure Poison – Nayyirah at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival