Sakhura dream catcher



I was asked recently to describe my style and that is always a tough one….I find myself using cliched fashion terms like “juxtapositioning”, but really this is my favourite thing to do and I feel it is the essence of the merfolk. We are alluring and sweet in looks and attitude only to capture and enchant to our will, leaving our victims at best, dazed and confused – at worst drowned or evilly tricked. This look I have put together from various events, ranging from the Secret Affair, The Fantasy Room and We<3Role-Play embodies this notion of sweet and dangerous, pink, lacey and pretty but with a bit of a darker edge if you observe her carefully. The siren’s kiss is deadly afterall…

What I am wearing:

Hair: Little Bones Kiss Land

Skin: Belleza – Rose (Fifty Linden Friday and group gift)

Hands and feet: Slink

Horns and necklace: Lassitude & Ennui – Spring horns and jewelry set in princess for we<3rp

Necklace 2: Luas – Edrielle in Rose for The Fantasy Room

Necklace 3: Zibska – Lovisa in Fawn for The Secret Affair

Bracers:.aisling. – LadyofHighgarden in silver for The Secret Affair

Dress: Blacklace – Jinger Peach (promo item)